Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just What Oklahoma Needs: More Fast Food Restaurants (Yummy!)

As AT noted earlier today (see previous post), Oklahoma is one of the fattest states in the nation. Oh, and we are, collectively, one of the least active states.

Can you say couch potato?

If that's not bad enough, Tulsa is also getting—you guessed it—more fast food outlets.

The Tulsa World reports that the California-based chain, Jack in the Box, is building more restaurants in T-town. Soon you can buy a big, juicy Jack in the Box burger at 48th and Yale and, after that, at 101st and Memorial.

Yum. Can't wait!

It's not Jack in the Box's fault that the Sooner state loves to eat high-calorie fast food. We can only blame ourselves for that. But does Tulsa really need another fast food restaurant?

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