Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bad Blogs: Local Political Pontificator Goes Goofy on Obama—and More

Tulsa has its share of windbags, people who find dark conspiracies everywhere they look.

Unfortunately, some of them keep howling at the moon as if they really know what they are talking about. Opinions are fine, even (or especially) dissenting opinions. We've dissented a few times ourselves.

But it helps your case when you stick to, well, a reasonable facsimile of reality. As the saying goes, everyone is entitled to his (or her) own opinion, but not his (or her) own facts.

We're referring to a recent local blog that slammed President Obama as, "a Socialist, Marxist, Anti-American if not an ideologically and economically insane President…."

Wow! Really? Shades of wild-eyed Talk Radio hype here but hardly a provable fact to be found. In Tulsa, of course, such red-meat baloney plays well, but it's also the dullest sort of pandering.

More importantly, this sort of hot air does not advance political discourse in any meaningful way nor does it contribute to solving any of of the many problems we face, nationally or locally. We think it's destructive to the body politic, harmful instead of helpful.

As for AltTulsa, we prefer reality and facts over hyperbole and hot air.


Tulsan said...

That would be good old Tulsa Today. As you say, quite a windy piece, filled with the editor's usual self-congratulatory prose.

Anonymous said...

I certainly see a proliferation of rational analysis at this site. Obviously there a lot of deep thinkers on the left side of the political spectrum.

I am waiting for the stories on how Bush blew up the World Trade Center.