Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Texas Tea Party Leader Gets on the 'Obama is Muslim' Train to Crazytown

The Zanies are out there—and some of them live in (wait for it…) Texas. Yee-ha!

We're talking about the paranoid fantasies of the Wingnut crowd—Texas Tea Party folks who make up their own facts (read: lies) about President Obama.

It's one thing to disagree with the president, any president. That's part of politics.

But the persistent and fantastic attempts to make Obama into a foreign-born Muslim and a Communist are pernicious and dishonest. These are Big Lies designed to undermine the president not by what he says or does, but by painting him as a Scary Foreigner Who Will Destroy America.

Now the Texas Tea Party leader (read all about it here) is promoting this nonsense, a line of reasoning so specious as to undermine his agenda and put him squarely in the middle of, yes, Crazytown.

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