Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Recommended Reading: The Right's Egyptian Freak-out, Starring (Who Else?) Glenn Beck

While we're snowbound in the house and catching up on our reading, AltTulsa is recommending an article by Michelle Goldberg of The Daily Beast about the Crazy Talk coming from some on the Right, notably Fox News windbag Glenn Beck. 

Never one to actually learn something about international affairs or world politics before he speaks, Beck has a completely incoherent set of ideas to explain what's happening in Egypt these days.

It's conspiracy-laden and completely nuts, of course, but Beck is a True Believer so it all makes perfect sense to him and the other zanies.

Here's a paragraph from Goldberg's piece, just to give you a taste of the nuttiness:
Store food and prepare for the coming global insurrection: That's the warning Glenn Beck issued Monday. The Muslim Brotherhood and American radicals, he informed us, are operating in tandem to bring about "the destruction of the Western world." On his Fox show, Beck presented a clip of Mohamed ElBaradei calling for a "New Egypt that is democratic, that is based on social justice." The phrase "social justice" flashed on the screen, because in Beck's world, it's a code word for a totalitarian leftist agenda, just as the Egyptian protesters' use of the phrase "day of rage" signals their kinship with Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground. "We've shown you tonight that Hamas, Code Pink"—the feminist anti-war group—"and the Muslim Brotherhood are all linked together."

Wow! It makes perfect sense. One world government! A global currency! Head for the shelters and arm yourselves, fellow Okies—here come the Marxist-Fascist-Socialist-Feminist totalitarian stooges!

Read Goldberg's report here.


Tulsan said...

The circus clown cries all the way to the bank. What kind of dumba** do you have to be to follow this grifter?

Tulsan said...

By the way, Beck, putting eyeglasses on a chimp doesn't make him a professor.

TedTheCat said...

On the bright side, the Egyptian Crisis revealed to me that Oklahoma has a world class expert on something. Professor Joshua Landis from the University of Oklahoma was interviewed on CNN and on Al Jazeera (English). He is a world class expert on the Mid East and a great authority on Syria. David Boren did a good job recruiting this guy.