Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Election Day in Tulsa: Turnout Could Be Crucial

Tulsa voters will elect a new mayor today.

If you believe recent political polls, Republican Dewey Bartlett is the front-runner, though Democratic candidate Tom Adelson has cited his own polling that shows him in the lead. The race has been especially negative and nasty and we have no clear sense of how the vote will turn out.

In a highly Republican city, we expect the GOP candidate should carry the day. On the other hand, if Adelson can get out his voters, he may be able to stop the Republican tide.

One prediction seems safe: Independent candidate Mark Perkins probably doesn't have a snowball's chance of pulling off a victory.

We cast our ballots this morning. Although we were the only voters in the precinct, the poll workers said the number of voters was actually up compared to other city election.

There's still time to vote. The polls close at 7 p.m.


Tulsan said...

I voted for Adelson, but I can live with Bartlett. At least he's not a far-right nutcase. That's a plus. I even voted for the Republican in the auditor race.

Anonymous said...

Adelson should have had Obama campaigning with him. Then Bartlett would have won by 20%.

Tulsan said...

In Tulsa, you are probably right.