Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bartlett Beats Adelson in Tulsa Mayoral Race

Tulsa oilman Dewey Bartlett Jr. will be the new mayor of Tulsa.

Bartlett, a Republican, took 45 percent of the vote to beat Democrat Tom Adelson in Tuesday's election. Adelson won 36 percent of the vote while independent Mark Perkins took 18 percent.

Bartlett's victory was not a huge surprise since Tulsa is a largely Republican stronghold. A poll published Sunday showed Bartlett with a sizable lead.

Despite the polls, Tulsa blogger Michael Bates predicted an Adelson win. Speaking on KRMG shortly after the polls closed, Bates said that his review of yard signs in midtown Tulsa indicated strong Adelson support, perhaps enough to carry Adelson to victory.

Bates was wrong. Of course, Bates had been a supporter of Republican Chris Medlock, who turned out to have very thin support and lost to Bartlett in the GOP primary.

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Tulsan said...

What a relief that Medlock lost. Could it be twilight time for Tulsa's far-right kooks like Bates?