Tuesday, November 10, 2009

David Frum Blasts the Palin Boosters & Their 'Alternative Reality'

Conservative columnist David Frum takes a hard look at ex-Gov. Sarah Palin and her political base:
Palin supporters have constructed an alternative reality in which their heroine is wildly cheered by the American yeomanry, and despised only by a small coterie of sherry-drinking snobs. No contrary evidence, no matter how overwhelming and uncontradicted, can alter this view: not the collapse in Palin's support in just 5 weeks in 2008, not the statistical studies that show her as the only vice presidential nominee in ticket to have hurt her ticket, not her rampant unpopularity with American women, not her own flinching from a second encounter with the Alaskan electorate.


Tulsan said...

"Alternative reality"... that's the truth. The GOP is driven by unserious people, to say the least. Utter goofballs, to say more.

Jacobus said...

Frum loves to bash Palin, lo this long time hence. I don't think she was a great VP candidate, but that was a YEAR ago people! Let it go!
Mr. Bush, or more precisely Mr. Cheney and company, had alienated so many voters they were desperate for a change - ANY change, unfortunately. Mr. McCain was not seen as different enough, no matter how many times Palin and others parroted the word "maverick". Historically, VP candidates have have little overall difference in voter turnout. McCain lost it, period. Blaming Palin is an "alternate reality". And in November 2009, there is utterly no point served by even bringing up the name of a woman who says she has left politics and appears to be telling the truth.
IMHO, BOTH parties are self-serving corporate/socialist panderers rather than honest, intelligent, patriotic statesmen and stateswomen. I would have voted for Ron Paul, but NO, we can't have that... too different! Ayn Rand? Maybe, nahh...she's still dead. Not that that would stop Frum and friends from raving on about it if she were to run. They'd debate her candidacy in the next election for years.
One thing about politics today I am quite sure of: I would not vote for any of the flatulant fools passing off their posturing rants as the voice of modern conservatism.

Tulsan said...

A whole year since Palin was the VP hopeful? Down the memory hole is best.

Blamin' Palin? Noooooooo! She's the truthteller, the Patrick Henry of our day.

"I would not vote for any of the flatulant fools passing off their posturing rants as the voice of modern conservatism."

Thumbs up on that.

Tulsan said...

Only yesterday: Even Fox News Fact-Checks Palin's Claims About Dollar Coin