Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wingnut Update: Janet Porter, Gov. Huckabee's Nutty Adviser

The American Right loves wild conspiracy theories, ideas and "facts" they assume to be true even when there's a stunning lack of things like, well, evidence.

It's so easy and convenient to make up "facts" that support your own predispositions. Take, for example, Janet Porter, described in media reports as "the onetime co-chair of [Mike] Huckabee's Faith and Values Coalition."

Here are some of Porter's amazingly bizarre claims and "facts"—all of which make Porter (and by extension, Huckabee) look extremely foolish:
Porter has maintained that Obama represents an "inhumane, sick, and sinister evil," and she has warned that Democrats want to throw Christians in jail merely for practicing their faith. She's attributed Haiti's high poverty rate to the fact that the country is "dedicated to Satan," and she suggested that gay marriage caused Noah's Flood. And there's this: In a 2009 column for conservative news site WorldNetDaily, Porter asserted that President Barack Obama is a Soviet secret agent, groomed since birth to destroy the United States from within.

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Tulsan said...

I guess she's telling us that those two giraffes on Noah's Ark weren't named Adam and Steve.