Saturday, May 7, 2011

Don't Make Plans: Judgment Day Is May 21

Yes, Sooners fan, the End is Near. The Rapture is only two weeks away—May 21.

We bring you this important news from Family Radio, a California-based ministry (of sorts) that purports to know such things.

According to these Bible-quoting believers, gay pride (naturally) is one of the signs of the End Time. The good folks at Family Radio are urging us all to repent now.

Our advice is more cynical. Since the world is ending, there's no need to pay your bills or act responsibly.  It's party time, baby, let's celebrate.

Oh, wait. We should be somber, worried.

It's the End of the World!!! "The Bible guarantees it," Family Life assures us. The very scary Family Life website is here.


Man of the West said...

Just for background information, Harold Camping and Family Radio, etc., are, for the most part, considered delusional at best and heretical at worst by most of the evangelical world. It would be extremely inadvisable to draw conclusions about American evangelicals in general from what they have to say. It would be a little like trying to evaluate Judaism based on what the Muslim Brotherhood has to say about it.

shawn1200 said...

There is a new billboard up near the Bay Bridge which challenges Camping about the date of Judgement Day. They say it is going to happen on a different date. Here is a picture of it on youtube :

Tulsan said...

In case of Rapture, this keyboard will be unmanned!

Tulsan said...

But seriously, the guy's big mistake is picking such a definite, near-future date. You've gotta push it out for at least a few years if you want to cash in.

The 2012ers' goose is just about cooked.

They just keep on tryin'. Maybe one day one of them will get "lucky."

Tulsan said...

I kind of get it. After 2012 is over, there will most likely be widespread "Apocalypse Fatigue." Better to feed on some of the pre-2012 energy.

Tulsan said...

A wayward weather balloon and Newt's candidacy may be the only things wafting heavenward today.