Tuesday, January 11, 2011

El Rushbo: Alleged Shooter Smiling Because Democrats 'Running Interference' for Him

Never underestimate the perverse logic of talk radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh.

Always quick to exploit a tragedy for partisan advantage, Rush is now saying the the alleged Tucson shooter is happy because the Democrats are blaming everyone but him.

Rush has no problem finding Democrats at fault here. Of course, Rush finds the Democrats (aka liberals) at fault for, well, everything he doesn't like.

A more thoughtful commentator might try to separate bombast and actual facts, but Rush has never been on good terms with facts. They get in the way of his narrative.

Hey, that's why he's popular—tell people what they want to hear—the facts be damned.

Our friends at Media Matters have the audio here: Limbaugh: "The Entire Democrat Party Running Interference" For Him.

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Tulsan said...

Really, hasn't that old wheeze had his day? Why would anyone take him seriously?