Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Beck's Broadcast Bombs in the Big Apple

We love Glenn Beck out here in Middle America—well, not all of us—but Beck's wretchedly overheated rhetoric isn't working in New York City. Beck's ratings are so low that he's being pulled off the radio in New York City.

Beck is also having ratings trouble in other East Coast markets, which is no surprise since everybody knows that where most of the American traitors, er, socialists live. Or maybe these East Coasters are simply people who appreciate facts and evidence, items in short supply in BeckWorld.

But have no fear, Beck fans, Glenn Boy will still be ranting away nightly on Fox News, where everything he says will make perfect sense as always, al least if you're a True Believer in the Gospel According to GB.

The story, from Media Matters, is here: Beck's radio empire imploding -- whacked in the Big Apple!


Tulsan said...

New Year prediction: Beck goes into a manic phase and is carried out babbling in a straitjacket.

Then he'll try to turn his recovery into a media event.

Redneck Liberal said...

A conspiracy theorist's wet dream, the East Coast intellectuals/elitists are keeping God's own voice from enlightening all those brainwashed progressives who are so badly in need of the "truth".

By Tom Coburn's facial pubes, I believe this calls for another six million (80,000 for the reality based)teabagger march on D.C..

Lord, cue the miracle geese.