Friday, December 29, 2006

Tulsa's Best and Worst, 2006 Edition

Tulsa's weekly newspaper, Urban Tulsa, has come out with its "Great and Un-Great" list for T-Town in '06. The list makes for interesting reading, even when it's off the mark.

The best UT endorsement: The impressive first year of mayor Kathy Taylor. She's organized and efficient, which is more than we could say for her predecessor.

The worst UT lament: Chris Medlock's absence from City Council. Frankly, we don't see the downside here. In fact, we think the city and its citizens will be better served without Medlock's know-it-all attitude and bluster.

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Ed W said...

Urban Tulsa is an odd publication - conservative claptrap at the front, sex-oriented businesses at the back, and anti-Mexican bigotry in between. But I still pick up a copy now and then to read it. Maybe I should get a bird so I can use a copy of UT as birdcage liner.