Monday, June 17, 2013

Wine Blogging: A Rich Malbec Called 'Stark Raving'

The AltTulsa gang has been lax with blog posts in recent months, but here's a return to one of our favorite subjects—wine. Yes, Sooner fans, the fruit of the vine is a passion with some folks—we plead guilty.

We can't claim great expertise in the field, but we have done some reading (and serous tasting) over the years and we have developed some favorite varietals and styles. A recent passion is the Malbec grape and the rich, red Argentinian Malbec wines increasingly popular in the U.S.
We found the bottle pictured above—called Stark Raving (a great name, by the way)—on a recent trip to New Mexico. This Malbec was rich, soft, perhaps a little inky (in a good way). The label refers to "soft notes of berries," which we could taste, but we take issue with the label's claim to "smoky bacon" in this bottle.

But no matter. Stark Raving went well with a southwestern chicken pizza on a blue corn crust, so we're not complaining.

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