Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Will Ferrell's Political Plea: Vote


Tulsan said...

Well, sports fans (as AT says---I'm not AT, by the way,) it's Election Day again!

4 years ago, I got on KRMG's chat as "The Man." I excerpted choice comments from it here, and occasionally commented there (see the link to go down Memory Lane.)

That was so much fun, I will be checking the KRMG Facebook site for nuggets and will post a few. I don't want to use my actual identity there, and can't be bothered to create a bogus one.

But the champagne is chilled once again.

According to noted poll aggregator Nate Silver, the probability of Romney winning is less than 10%, as of today. KRMG listeners were completely surprised 4 years ago, and I don't expect any change this year.

So it should be fun, but if the 1 out of 10 happens, I have a tasty frozen crow dinner in the freezer. But I doubt it will need to be thawed.

Let the games begin!

Tulsan said...

Couple of early-posting charmers at KRMG:

DS: Romney wins by landslide! Obama and all his administration get prosecuted for Treason and put in a zoo for all to look at for the rest of their lives. (Mexican zoo).

MD: $50,000 in damage to the White House by exiting hippies, dinosaur media reports only $12,000. Most Executive silver never returned....

Tulsan said...

I'll watch KFAQ Facebook too.

Tulsan said...

KFAQ Facebook near flatline. I haven't listened to them for years. Maybe they need to get DelGiorno back from Nashville... lots of people there ready to FedEx him I bet.

Bad liberals heckling over on KRMG Facebook. Not me, I promise.

Tulsan said...

This is too boring. Very unlikely for Romney to pull it out. But KRMG fans haven't figured that out yet. Nice Senate pickups for the Democrats!

Tulsan said...

KRMG booby prize:

ELECTION HQ: Fox News projecting Oklahoma as retained its title as reddest in the nation, with none of the states 77 counties going in favor of President Obama.

MC: Proud to be an Oklahoman!

TMD: God bless Oklahoma.

(And pass the ammo.)

Tulsan said...

At 244 Dem to 193 GOP electoral votes:

CE: Vomit!!!!

JD: Doesn't look good

TT: As someone famous once said, when a Democracy reaches the point that it votes for self interest instead of for the good of the country, the Democracy fails.


Tulsan said...


AM: God help us all

TT2: I'm going to throw up

Champagne is going down well here though.

Tulsan said...

And it's all over just like that!


Barack Obama is President for a second term.


Tulsan said...

More KRMG reaction:

DCH: We are screwed

JB: Idiots!

DS: Time to go close the garage and start the car.

VVR: Crap!!!!!!

DH: So worthless

MH: Let the whole rotten state fall in.

Alrighty then... And to all a good night.

Let's do this again in another 4 years!

Tulsan said...


From Talking Points Memo:

We’re going to have a piece on this shortly. But in case you weren’t watching Fox News over the last 45 minutes or so, something for the ages just happened. Shortly after Fox and everyone else called Ohio and the election for President Obama, Rove staged a live TV mutiny. He insisted that the Ohio call had been premature and then forced Fox’s Megan Kelly to make an SNL like walk through the Fox building and confront the network’s official number counters with Rove’s objections.

I’m sure I saw a thought bubble over the numbers guys’ heads that said “What the f*$k are you guys doing here?” But the guy calmly explained to Kelly that yes they were quite certain that Obama had defeated Romney and it was over. Kelly then walked back through the Fox building and gave the news to Rove. But it still wasn’t over.

This full Fox News network meltdown continued for a while. And then a while later I went back over to the TV wall in TPM’s office and saw that they’d brought in Michael Barone — key political numbers guy who just a day ago was saying that Romney would win with 70,000 electoral votes — to basically calmly, empathetically talk Rove down from the ledge.

So basically at this point Barone is like half grief counselor, half hostage negotiator trying to get Rove through Kubler-Ross’s 5 stages of grief.

As this was happening the other electoral votes were piling up to the point where Ohio didn’t even matter anymore. At this point Rove seems to still be working on founding the Ohio Truth movement. So I’m not sure where this is going to go. We’ll try to get you a full read out on this shortly.

Tulsan said...

Rove's apparent meltdown was just theater.

Those billionaires who gave massive cash transfusions to his Crossroads GPS group just got diddly-squat as their ROI.

The least he could do for them was throw a tantrum to show them how deeply he cares, like a baseball manager abusing the umpire to get himself thrown out of the game.

But he is in it for the money, and he did well for himself.

Go retire, Karl. Bush's brain.