Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rep. Sullivan's Far-Too-Sentimental Swan Song

First District Rep. John Sullivan got "primaried" this year—a conservative Republican defeated for reelection by an even more conservative (read: wingnut) Republican, Jim (Tea Party) Bridenstine. 

So Sullivan's going away, but not before a sentimental journey through his brilliant (cough, cough) political career. Sullivan wants the good people of Tulsa to know he's delivered—bringing federal dollars to the First District. 

That was Sullivan's message last month when he spoke to the Tulsa Metro Chamber, touting federal earmarks as his political legacy. The improvements to Interstate 44 in Tulsa, Sullivan said, are an example of federal money that has helped the community. "I will never apologize for that," Sullivan said.

Oh wait. Conservative Republicans like Sullivan are supposed to hate federal spending. It's undermining the nation, they scream. We need a balanced budget, they shout.

That's the party line. But Sullivan, like a lot of GOP pols, wants it both ways. He wants to rail against taxes and federal spending at the same time he's working the system to bring home the pork to Tulsa.

And then there's this: Sullivan got a standing ovation after his talk to the Chamber. That was mighty nice of the assembled business folks, mighty nice indeed. Guess they forgot about Sullivan's time at the Betty Ford Clinic in California. That's part of the congressman's legacy as well.


Tulsan said...

Sullivan was such a slavish GOP tool that he won't be able to get one of the cushy lobbyist jobs. He should have saved his $$$ but I doubt he did.

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