Monday, June 4, 2012

Will Tulsa Rep. John Sullivan Go Down in Flames?

Rep. John Sullivan is nobody's idea of a heavyweight. If anything, the First District congressman is a ineffective right-wing cipher, a politician with no vision beyond getting himself reelected by thoroughly inattentive GOP voters.

But this election season, Sullivan may have met his match. His challenger this year, Jim Bridenstine, is more accomplished and smarter than Sullivan—that's a really low bar, of course—and even more Hard Right.

In Oklahoma, Republicans can never be too far right—we're the Reddest State in America, after all. So Bridenstine is going way out to the right, all the better to appeal to the talk radio crowd and oust Sullivan.

Bridenstine, by the way, graduated from Rice and has an MBA from Cornell. Oh, and he's a Navy pilot. Sullivan, who graduated from NSU, has no military experience. Sullivan does have experience at the Betty Ford Clinic, but this isn't really a great thing in politics.

AltTulsa's crystal ball is always a little murky, but we'd put our money on Bridenstine. Sullivan is a fabulous slice of right-wing baloney, but he's not much of a leader.

As for us, we're voting for John Olson, the Democratic candidate, Army veteran and Tulsa businessman. As far as we can tell, Olson is a reasonable human being and a thoughtful guy, which is more than you can say for most of the First District Republican voters.

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Anonymous said...

It's John Olson.