Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dumb Move: Legislator Wants to Chop OETA Funds

The Republican stupidity at the state legislature continues unabated.

The latest bonehead idea is to cut off state funding for the state's public broadcasting system, OETA. In fact, Rep. Leslie Osborn of Tuttle claims that 17 states have now quit funding public television.

Too bad that's not true. As the Tulsa World reported yesterday, that figure is wrong. Rep. Osburn is making up her own "facts," which turns out to be a popular tactic among the state's GOP legislators.

More importantly, cuts to OETA are an ill-advised way of cutting state spending, an effort to chop government services and diminish the quality of life in the Sooner state.

Who needs OETA anyway? It's not like it broadcasts anything interesting or educational. Naw, we don't need no stinkin' Big Bird. American Experience—who needs a serious look at U.S. history? Masterpiece? Who needs culture?

Hey, we're Okies—we don't take kindly to learnin'.


Anonymous said...

Public Radio is a great source to inspire and get away from the corporate driven media.. however they do cover corporate issues with an objective eye.

PS Can Wisconsin send Scott Walker to Oklahoma ...forever?

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