Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to Us! AltTulsa Turns Five

We've been busy lately, so busy we almost forget our own birthday. We hate that when that happens.

Yes, Sooner fans, the AltTulsa blog is five years old. 

In that time, we've blogged about everything from art to books to wine, though our primary focus has been on national and state politics, with occasional posts on the Tulsa political scene. 

Thanks to the Wingnut branch of the Republican Party, we have a steady and never-ending source of commentary and (mostly unintentional) humor.

We've also outlasted a number of other Tulsa political blogs (remember Medblogged?), most of which were chock full of half-baked ideas and underwhelming insights. We wanted to counter that sort of conventional wisdom, which is why we called ourselves Alternative Tulsa.

To be honest, we aren't always as alternative or contrarian or inspired as we'd sometimes like to be. Perhaps it's our age (rapidly advancing, it seems). More likely, however, is the fact that in this highly partisan and often uncivil age, we want to be a thoughtful voice of ideas and reason, not a site for screaming, ranting or character assassination.

So here's to ideas, art, literature and thoughtfulness—and also longevity—here in T-town. Hear! Hear!

1 comment:

Tulsan said...

Happy birthday AT,
Happy birthday AT,
Happy birthday AT,
Happy birthday Alternative Tulsa,
Happy birthday to you...
And many more!

I appreciate the 'art to books to wine' part of your commentary, even though I respond mostly to the political side.

Keep it up... maybe one day Tulsa will mostly dump the dead-head right-wing politics.