Monday, October 17, 2011

Ideologue Sally Kern: More Baloney from Oklahoma's Worst Legislator

AltTulsa missed it the other day, but Rep. Sally Kern—card-carrying member of the American Taliban—is up to her old tricks.

Yes, Sooner fans, Oklahoma City Kern, a Republican, has been flipping her lid over national education standards. Yep, those dad-blamed ole federal standards are (according to her) a federal takeover of Oklahoma education. We ought to have local control, Kerns says.

This is standard-issue Kern nonsense, of course. Public education is already under local control.

In fact, Kern's agenda has less to do with local control than with her own desire to impose religion—her particular brand of religion—views on local districts.

As a Tulsa World editorial pointed out recently, Kern really wants "forced prayer, the teaching of creationism and the banning of certain books, among other restrictions." How's that for free inquiry?

No, Sally Kern is not in interested in education at all, not actual education that challenges students to think for themselves. Her idea is indoctrination, especially of the Far Right variety.

Oklahomans of all persuasions ought to be wary of such baloney.


Jim N said...

Oklahoma's Bigot-in-Chief has learned nothing in 10 years.

Anonymous said...

I used to attend a Baptist Church. I used to think it was just me, but I now know that the structured narrow-mindedness has deep roots.

I agree with many things she says;however,many other things she says isn't Biblical, nor or their teachings. They've become more like a nutty political party which only begs a nuttier opponent...which we'll soon seen in the form of a transgender.

"Forced" anything leads to rebellion. But, I agree that teachers should have the freedom to teach "creationism" as an alternative. I really think religion should be taught more as should tolerance of others beliefs.

The Baptist have one of the highest divorce rates, which explains the "forced" divorce laws she'd like to impose. One thing I noticed about their churches is that if you are divorced, you are regarded as the homosexual/negro/woman category and thrown to the bottom of the heap. It takes three people to oversee a class of 10 singles. It's as if they think an orgy will break out at any time...even if there are only two males! Or, someone with six kids will be put in charge of a group pushing middle-age to show what a real Christian should look like...even if he is a moron.Again, the singles aren't allowed to talk among themselves without a group of kindergarteners.

They soon begin to tell you who you can talk to even at Christian events that involve other denominations...dissing the others.Then they tell you what to watch as far as movies in your own home when they aren't approved Baptist material.Don't even mention going to an art gallery as a group event-all evil arose from the art world! Then it evolves into telling you where to set for Sunday service, and before you know it, they are telling you how to dress when you look no different than the married people in the church. It's like they are trying to mold the imagery of how they already perceive a particular group,sex, race, etc.

Even then, the hierarchy is seen in the grouping of chairs and splitting the women from the men.

A typical lunch conversation can't even be done. If someone is telling of his rental home being flooded with sewage and you suggest ways that the landlord cannot force him to live in that condition, you'll be blasted by the assumed leader/overseer of the group that snitches back to the other overseer in his absence.Enough prayer should part the sewage as Moses parted the Red Sea! Yeah!

No, those people aren't for me. And, it's because of that type of mentality that the divorce rate is so high, mental illness is at a crisis level along with drug/alcohol (everything hinges upon crisis)and we have to listen to more far-out homosexual agendas than almost anyone.

I think tolerance should be both school and church.