Monday, September 26, 2011

Bachmann Wrong Again: Why Can't She Tell the Triuth?

No one has ever accused Rep. Michele Bachmann of having a firm grip on the facts. If anything, Rep. Bachmann's grasp on actual facts has been, shall we say, tenuous. 

So when the Minnesota legislator spouted off the other day with the "news" that President Obama''s approval ratings were the lowest of any modern president, a thoughtful voter would have good reason to check the figures.

And guess what? Rep. Bachmann was off—way, way off.

Despite several years of Republican efforts to delegitimize the president (Born in Keyna? Not a citizen? A Marxist?), Obama's ratings are much, much stronger than Bachmann's phony charges would suggest. (Ronald Reagan, for instance.)

In short, Bachmann's wishful thinking triumphs over facts once again. The details are here.


Tulsan said...

Now that she is down to 1% of the GOP vote, who cares any more?

We must presume that the crazy wing of the GOP prefers their lead crazy to be the proud owner of a penis (Perry.)

Anonymous said...

She must have been a smoker big time. Has anyone noticed all of the creases around her lips?